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The Importance of Respecting the CrossFit Process

by Mike Tromello

Today you can find two types of CrossFit. One is that awesome exercise routine we all fell in love with that consists of functional movements done at high intensity for the betterment of our health. The other is the sport of CrossFit. Just like what you see on ESPN, CrossFit the sport continues to grow every day.

With this growth in popularity, more athletes are coming into the mix and wanting to compete at high levels. They arise from all walks of life, ranging from the former college football player to the ultra-marathon runner, and they all have one thing in common – they lack patience. Continue reading here.

**Pioneer Elementary, needs your help, they are building a Giant Jenga with egg cartons for their field day. They need a bunch of egg cartons! CFV is collecting 12 count CARDBOARD egg cartons. Thanks for your support!!! Contact Tara Spencer for more info.**

We love Burpees!
5050 burpees in 100 days!

burpee chalange

Congratulations to Jammie Brewer, Doug Parker, &
Heather Halvorson for completing the Burpee Challenge!

WOD (22-May-2015)

For Time:

  • 30 KTE
  • 15 Squat Clean (155/105)
  • 24 KTE
  • 12 Squat Clean
  • 18 KTE
  • 9 Squat Clean
  • 12 KTE
  • 6 Squat Clean
  • 6 KTE
  • 3 Squat Clean
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“Is the WOD Posted?”


Just Tell Me the Workout

I love to know a workout the night before I’m going to do it. Whether it’s CrossFit or cycling or something else I plan to do the next day, I like to lie in my bed at night and visualize my movements before I drift off to sleep. Some people count sheep, I count reps.

But I know some gyms don’t like to reveal their workouts ahead of time. They don’t want people to cherry-pick (or cheery-pick as I recently said).

But let’s leave aside what I consider to be the absurdity of playing information keep-away from your fully grown customers. Basically, I like to know the workout so I can see in my mind what I have to do. Clean and jerks? Okay, I’m running the movements in my mind. Foot position, pull yourself under the bar! Thrusters? Time to think about hip drive. Pull-ups? Engage those lats. Picture my chin over the bar. The list goes on and on. Continue reading here.

WOD (21-May-2015)

4RFT of:

  • 400m Run
  • 50 Squats
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5 Whiteboard Misconceptions

That Are Ruining Your CrossFit Experience


It’s that time of the day again: the clock finally beeps that your eight minutes of torture are up; you slam the barbell down, sweat raining into your eyes and blurring your vision; and you stumble to the whiteboard. Trying to regain your breath, you do some preliminary analysis: Well, Mike finished 30 seconds faster than me, but then again he didn’t do the Rx weights. Damn, Taylor beat my time! But did she really? I mean, we all know how she “counts.”

The whiteboard is a central part of the CrossFit experience. Whether your box uses a traditional whiteboard with dry erase markers or the fancy virtual ones that chart your progress, it’s been ingrained in you from day one that you record your scores after every workout. It’s probably second nature for you to check the clock as soon as you drop your last snatch to make sure you catch your time, down to the second, so you can get your score on the board and see how you did compared to everyone else. Continue reading here.

WOD (20-May-2015)

For Time:

  • 100’ walking lunge
  • 50 Push-Ups
  • 50 Double Unders
  • 25 KTE
  • 5 Rope Climbs
  • 50 Box Jump (24/20)
  • 25 OH Squats (65/45)
  • 50 Back Ext
  • 50 Sit-Ups
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 “It is all in the wrists

jump ropes

A Ridiculously Awesome, yet brief, Guide to Double Unders


I know what you’re thinking, “Pretty bold title, better be good”. No worries, the title actually doesn’t quite do the information justice. If you are pretty good with a jump rope, skip (no pun intended) down to the bottom of the post where I have some workouts that are guaranteed to challenge anyone. If you want to learn what double unders are, how to do them properly, what kind of rope to buy, some quick tips, and some awesome workouts keep reading.

What are these things you call double unders?

The Official definition: According to Skipping Rope in Wikipedia, double unders are performed when, the participant needs to jump up higher than usual while swinging the rope twice under his feet. Simple enough, right? One jump rope passes twice, DOUBLE, below the feet, UNDER you…. Ok I think that dead horse is beaten.

My definition: a conditioning exercise that may or may not have been used in POW camps during Vietnam to punish infractions. Continue reading here.

Shop for jump ropes at Rogue Fitness here.

WOD (19-May-2015)

21-15-9 reps for time of:

  • Thrusters (95/65)
  • Pull-Ups

* Daily Cash-Out – Double Under Challenge  *

Double under/single under intervals for 10 minutes

  • Week 1 – 20 DUs/min
  • Week 2 – 30 DUs/min
  • and so on…..

See the above referenced article for details.

Who’s in?

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Weekend Fun!

IMG950456The CFV Paintball party was a huge success, we will be doing this again soon.

Thank you Ana for putting this together and cooking fajitas, amazing job!

More pictures here.

 Congratulations to all of the CFV members who competed in the Run for the Children Saturday! See pictures here.



Top 10 Food Lies That Keep Us Sick and Fat


When it comes to weight loss, there’s a ton of advice out there. The problem is, most of it is terrible, outdated and scientifically disproven. And if you believe it, it could be getting in your way.  So let’s take a look at the Top Ten Food Lies that keep you sick and fat.

Food Lie #1: All Calories Are Created Equal

When I walked into an 8th grade class recently, I asked if them if there was a difference between 1000 calories of broccoli and a 1000 calories of soda. You know what I heard? A unanimous, “Duh! Yes!”. Continue reading here.

WOD (18-May-2015)

3RFT of:

  • 10 OH Squats (135/95)
  • 50 Double Unders
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not drunk - rest day

CFV is closed on Sundays, get some rest.


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OPEN GYM – Every Saturday


All CFV members are encouraged to come out the box every Saturday morning and take advantage of the Open Gym. This simply allows you to work on some gymnastics, strength or Olympic weightlifting, row/run, do a Girl/Hero WOD. You may want to catch up on a WOD missed through the week, pick your poison.



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Kipping pull ups

In Defense of the Kipping Pull Up

By Robert Camacho

I’ve been accused of being a CrossFit hater on more than one occasion. While I understand why my opinions might rankle a few less secure individuals, the truth is I actually love CrossFit. I did CrossFit for two years pretty religiously and it completely reinvigorated my love for training. I’ve since moved in a different direction due to an overwhelming need to deadlift as much weight as possible, but I still do the majority of my training at a CrossFit box. Of the various aspects of CrossFit I’ve seen criticized, none seem to me to be quite as polarizing as the kipping pull up. I’m not going to disagree that it looks silly and isn’t a real pull up, but I’m tired of reading criticisms based on shoulder mechanics that have zero basis in reality. Continue reading here.


WOD (15-May-2015)

Filthy 50

  • 50 Box Jumps (24/20)
  • 50 Jumping Pull-Ups
  • 50 KB Swings (53/35)
  • 50 Walking Lunge Steps
  • 50 KTE
  • 50 Push Press (45/33)
  • 50 Back Extensions
  • 50 Wall Ball (20/14)
  • 50 Burpees
  • 50 Double Unders

Watch Live Coverage of the CrossFit Games Regionals  today & all weekend here.2015 games open Courtesy

Click here to see a list of the Regional WODs.



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Four Tools to Take You to The Next Level


Whether you know it or not, you have assigned yourself a level of commitment to your training. Some of you are focused, sharp and put all of your being into your training. Food, rest, recovery and walking the razors edge of suffering is your game. You have a high level of commitment. Some of you come in, put in solid work, eat well and go about your lives.  You have a reasonable level of commitment. Some of you do the minimum, eat what you want, and think a Friday night party is recovery. You have the minimum level of commitment. This post is NOT about commitment. We all make choices about our fitness and health that are personal. What this post is about is some of the tools that will improve your training regardless of your level of commitment. The tools we will talk about here are tools that are in your head and heart and that you can carry with you everyday and everywhere regardless of where you are in your training.

Tool #1: Self-Awareness

To me, self-awareness has three varieties as related to training: awareness of your physical abilities and limitations, awareness of your mental and emotional toughness, and awareness of the context of the environment that you find yourself in. Continue reading here.

WOD (14-May-2015)

21-15-9 reps for time of:

  • Deadlift (225/155)
  • KB Snatch (53/35)
  • Push-Ups (hands off)


CFV Membership billing made easier

We are talking about the CFDashboard. Some of you are already utilizing this tool.  For those of you who are new to the box or just not aware that this is available, here’s the deal.  CFDashboard is an online membership management site that allows box owners to track membership and receive payments. Each member is given a login, then you can sign up for monthly auto renewal of your membership and link a credit or debit card for auto pay.  This is not required,  payment by check or cash is always excepted.

If anyone is interested in signing up for the CFDashboard, contact Ashley Burkett.

A link to the Dashboard login can be found at the top right corner on all of the pages of


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Yoga meets CrossFit


10 Reasons Why CrossFitters Should Start Practicing Yoga


For the past five months I’ve been teaching a regular Sunday yoga class at San Francisco CrossFit. After years of teaching in traditional yoga studio settings, this has been an exciting new challenge and a welcome change. I began training at SFCF in June of 2012 just after taking my first classes at CrossFit H20 in Medford, MA — owned by my best friends, Jaffney Roode and Benjamin Frank. I was instantly hooked on the intensity, speed, and explosive energy of CrossFit workouts. I quickly discovered that my background as a yoga practitioner provided me with the general mobility, positional awareness, focus, breath, and presence needed to stay on track with such a training program. CrossFit and yoga go together like fresh donuts and really good coffee, literally. Coffee, donuts, yoga, and CrossFit have become a regular occurrence on Sundays at SFCF.

Here are 10 reasons why I believe yoga can help you grow as an athlete, reach your goals, and continue to excel beyond your wildest expectations.

1) Yoga improves your range of motion and general mobility. Continue reading here.

For anyone interested knowing more about yoga contact Angie Hughes, she is not only a coach at Crossfit Veritas but an instructor at Honor Yoga.

WOD (13-May-2015)

“CrossFit Total”

  • 1RM Back Squat
  • 1RM Press
  • 1 RM Deadlift

The CrossFit Total

By Mark Rippetoe

The CrossFit Total is the sum of the best of three attempts at the squat, the press, and the deadlift.Continue reading here.

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