WOD (27-Oct-2016)

Pause Front Squat (Demo here)



Ascending Ladder for 7 min:

  • 3 C&J (135/95)
  • 3 T2B
  • 6 C&J
  • 6 T2B
  • 9 C&J
  • 9 T2B

…and so on, until 7 min is up


Mitch Potterf — Photo by Walker Evans

Local Litigation: CrossFit vs The Ohio State University

by Columbus Underground

It’s not every day that a local lawsuit makes the pages of Retraction Watch, Slate, USA Today and Bloomberg Business.

But the lawsuit between CrossFit affiliate Fit Club’s Mitch Potterf and The Ohio State University has been getting a lot of attention in the press… that also includes a mention by 60 Minutes. The lawsuit claims that Ohio State researchers falsified data in a study, to create the impression that CrossFit activities create injuries.

And now it looks like the case is nearing resolution.

The 2013 study was originally published in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. Although the findings were generally favorable towards CrossFit as a means of fitness, the authors claimed that sixteen percent of the study’s participants dropped out of the project due to overuse or injury. In making that claim, the researchers implied that participants in CrossFit run a high risk of getting hurt. Continue reading here.

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WOD (26-Oct-2016)

2RFT of:

  • 200m Sled Pull (45-90lbs…your choice)
  • 30 Cal Bike or Row
  • 200m Sled Pull
  • 60 Double Unders (3:1)

Rest 5 min between rounds.

squatsWhat Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About Squats

by Mark Rippetoe

One of the most persistent myths in the entire panoply of conventional exercise wisdom is that squats below parallel are somehow bad for the knees. This old saw is mindlessly repeated by poorly-informed orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, and chiropractors all over the world. Better-informed professionals such as productive strength coaches, weightlifters and powerlifters, and those willing to examine the anatomy of the knees and hips for more than just a minute or two know better. Here are four reasons why.

1. The below-parallel (hips just below the knees) squat position is a perfectly natural position for the human body. People all over the non-air-conditioned world spend time squatting as a resting position throughout the day, and all of them arise from it without injury. There is nothing harmful about either assuming a squatting position – whether sitting down in a chair or into an unsupported squat – or returning to a standing position afterwards. The world record for the squat in the sport of powerlifting is now over 1000 pounds, and the guy is just fine. Continue reading here.

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bear_crawl_2016Due to the Bear Crawl 5k this weekend we will not be having Open Gym or Hero Saturday. All CFV members are encouraged to sign-up and run for a good cause.

2nd Annual Bear Crawl 5k

Date: Oct 29, 2016/Time: 9:00 AM

Benefiting Hayes Andrews and the Organization for Seizure Support Opportunities

Runners, walkers, and athletes of all ages are welcome to the 2nd Annual Bear Crawl 5K / Cub Crawl 1K Fun Run.

Sign-up here.

More info here.

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WOD (25-Oct-2016)

3RFT of:

  • 400m Run
  • 12 Burpees
  • 21 Box Jumps (24/20)

alcoholHow does alcohol affect your athletic performance?

By William Imbo

“In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is Freedom, in water there is bacteria.”
-Benjamin Franklin

There’s no secret that many CrossFitters are quite fond of alcohol. This is likely due to the character of a person who literally pays to put themselves through pain and hardship in pursuit of their fitness goals, all the while enjoying the process. As the clichéd saying goes, “work hard, play hard.” Of course, not every CrossFitter frequents the ale on every occasion, but as working adults we enjoy (or more appropriately, need) a release in the high stress society that we live in. CrossFit is a great way to achieve that release, but at the end of a brutal week of work and WODS, who could say no to an ice-cold beer or glass of wine? I certainly couldn’t. In fact, I’m having a pint right now. Anyway, alcohol is often bashed for its negative health effects, especially as it relates to athletic performance. But in what ways? Let’s take a closer look at our boozy companion. Continue reading here.


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WOD (24-Oct-2016)

3 Rds for time:

5 T2B

10 Hang Power Snatch (95/65)

15 KB swings (53/35)

20 Push Press (95/65)

I Hate Cardio

Lisbeth Darsh

I hate cardio. Are you with me here?

I usually don’t use the word “hate” because I feel it’s crass and overblown and perhaps should be reserved only for expression of dire circumstances beyond redemption.

I think that applies here: I hate cardio.

I hate all parts of cardio:

  • The anticipation
  • The pit in my stomach before
  • The queasiness of my stomach after
  • The first few breaths that seem sweet as I start to work (It’s a trick! There’s pain coming!)
  • The middle breaths of the hard part—the dreaded middle of any workout (Read “The Real Suck”)
  • The last breaths where I am certain I am dying, killed by cardio, leaving the mortal plane, evaporated from this Earth in a big pool of sweat, and, ironically, dead in a totally boring and unsatisfying manner. Dying by cardio is simply not sexy. It’s not falling off a cliff or my parachute failing to open. It’s just boring and (unfortunately) common. I can hear my friends talking later:  “She died during cardio.” “Oh my. That’s really sad, isn’t it? Do you want to get coffee?”  

In my mind, cardio sits alone at a lunch table in her little pink sweater set, annoyingly perfect and perfectly annoying. People want to say they know her well, but most of them are lying. Most of them don’t really like cardio; they only like what cardio can do for them. They like to be seen with cardio, but they don’t really want to talk to her. Continue reading here.

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No 4:30 class Friday, Oct. 21st. Sorry for the inconvenience.

WOD (21-Oct-2016)

AMRAP in 20 min:
5 Thrusters (95/65)
7 Hang power cleans

dont-hold-backLose Your Crutches

By Mike Warkentin

What’s holding you back, and why do you let it?

The legless man in the wheelchair made a very strong point without saying anything.

On the way to the gym for a workout, I was bemoaning my situation and wishing I didn’t have to do a 5-kilometer run. My inner monologue alternated between bitching about my tight left hip and outlining the reasons I prefer power to endurance.You know the drill. I longed for workouts involving movements in my wheelhouse, I pre-made excuses for a poor performance, and I thought about skipping the run in hopes of snatches the next day.

Then the guy in the wheelchair rolled by with a bunch of empty grocery bags as I was stopped at a light. No markets can be found in the area, so he was clearly buckling down for a long haul to his destination.No bitching. Just getting it done.After feeling like an asshole for a moment, I drove the final block to the gym with a much clearer head.

Of course the workout turned out to be exactly what I needed. What I suspected would be a lengthy period of suffering was actually a 5-kilometer cruise on a sunny day while surrounded—and lapped—by friends. I did my best, owned my time and got fitter. And I felt grateful that I was able to run.As I soaked a sweat angel into the asphalt, I found it interesting that a man in a wheelchair had helped me lose my crutches. Continue reading here.


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WOD (20-Oct-2016)

Bench press 3-3-3-3-1
Back squat 3-3-3-1

AMRAP in 10 min of:
30 DU (3:1)
12 KB/DB snatch (equal reps per arm)

Rest 1min

800m run for time.

One (Health) Statement That Will Eradicate All Your Questions and Doubt


As a trainer, I have been asked this on numerous occasions: if I was allowed to give only one piece of advice to people, what would it be? If there is one thing the health and fitness industry is not lacking, it is information — endless amounts of confusing and controversial information! On any given day there are thousands of articles telling a person how to eat, train and live for optimal fat loss and health. “Why are there so many different methods that seem to work?” you may ask. “Why is the science so freaking hard to nail down to just one thing?” “What the hell can I (an everyday Joe) do to lose fat/build muscle, and stay healthy and fit?” One of the best statements that I have seen most professionals stick with is this: “Do whatever works best for you…” Continue reading here.

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Don’t forget to join us for Hero Saturday, this weeks WOD is “Whitten

WOD (19-Oct-2016)

3 rounds
400m run
21 KB swings (35/26)
12 pull ups

Immediately followed by;

50-40-30-20-10 reps of;
Double unders (3:1)
Sit ups


before-afterI Did CrossFit 5 Days a Week For 1 Month and This Is What Happened


I don’t really want to share half-naked selfies of myself with the world, but I feel compelled to. Because after years and years of working out four to six days a week, running and training for half-marathons, sweating it out in yoga classes, and eating healthy, I have finally caught a glimpse of the kind of transformation I have been wanting ever since I can remember. And it’s only been one month.

This might sound like a PSA, but so what? I really do owe it all to CrossFit. I had been wanting to try it for years but through two pregnancies, working, and taking care of my two young kiddos, I just felt like I couldn’t carve out the time. It was kind of a lame excuse, actually, and I realized it was high time to make the time and do something for me. So on Mother’s Day 2016, I bought myself a $250 On-Ramp course for CrossFit. No it’s not culty, yes the workouts are frickin’ hard, and yes, the community support really is amazing and was the key to my success.

After completing that course, I decided to go all in and committed to going for one month, five days a week. Here’s what happened. Continue reading here.


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3 rounds for time of:
10 strict KTE
10 Power Cleans (135/95)
10 V-ups
10 burpees

one-man-raceThe One-Man Race: Defeating Your True Competitor


I have a confession to make: I hate competitions.

Alright, maybe “hate” is a strong word. My outlook on life is upbeat and I try to view everything through a lens of objective positivity, therefore I do not hate anything. Suffice to say that within myself I’ve cultivated a hearty dislike for competition. I think that sounds better…

If you are the type of person who measures your success in terms of how you place in comparison to the rest of the field, I think you need to take a moment and re-evaluate your reasons to compete. Do not seek motivation for your performance in defeating others or being the best. These are negative notions which are born out of spite and pride rather than of positive sources. Continue reading here.

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AMRAP in 18 min of:

4 Bar Muscle-ups (scale with regular muscle ups or 8 C2B per round)
8 Power Snatches (115/80#)
16 Box Jumps (24″/20″)WOD

trainer“I Want to Be Your Trainer”

By Emily Beers

CrossFit coaches talk about building relationships that result in new clients.

Like all high-level CrossFit athletes, Jamie Hagiya has an impressive physique. The epitome of health and fitness, she’s the perfect poster girl to attract new clients to the gym, right?

Not so fast, said 31-year-old Hagiya, who finished 18th at the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games. The owner of Torrance CrossFit in California said she goes out of her way to avoid using her fitness resume as a sales pitch.

“That’s not what will get new people into the gym,” she said.

According to Dan Uyemura, Hagiya’s business partner, her humble approach works and she has a gift for bringing in new clients. Continue reading here.

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