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“Go Big or Go Elsewhere”

Click here to watch a video of how Martin Spencer recovers from Hell Week.

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The 10 Things That Will Happen When You Begin CrossFit

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CFV is closed on Sundays, get some rest.

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4th of July

The box is closed for the 4th of July.

Have a great weekend!

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“You’ll Pass Out Before You Die”

if i pass out

2 Numbers That Will Make You a Better Rower


Would you ever just walk up to a barbell and attempt to lift it without knowing how much weight was on it? Would you just start swinging a kettlebell without counting your reps? So, why would you get on a rowing machine, or ergometer, and refuse to look at the monitor while you row?

You might laugh, but as a rowing and CrossFit coach I saw this happen on a daily basis. “I don’t want to know,” people would say. “It goes by faster when I don’t look,” they would offer.

Well, I would offer this: People who are overweight often think they eat “mostly good” because they pay no attention to the details in their diet. People who think they row adequately are also not paying attention to details. Both result in less than optimal outcomes and prolonged frustration. And both happen frequently in athletes who are otherwise meticulous about their health and fitness, and who are in a bit of denial. Continue reading here.

No 4:30 or 5:30 classes today, and the box will be closed tomorrow for 4th of July


WOD (3-July-2015)

For time:

Fran (21-15-9 Thrusters  & Pull Ups @95#)

Run 1 mile

Grace (30 C&J @135#)

Run 1 mile

Isabel (30 Snatches @135#)

Run 1 mile

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Mastering Your Body Weight


While there’s no such thing as true mastery, it’s great to strive for ideals as long as we realize they are just that–something to reach for. On the road to superior fitness, it is good to have a sense of your place so you can determine the logical way to progress.

In gymnastics (which is just a highly advanced style of bodyweight training) skills are generally ranked A through F, with A skills being the easiest. The standards are quite high, as back levers and front levers are only considered A level skills and muscle-ups are simply listed under “basic skills.”

I thought a similar type of rating system might be nice for the rest of us. I decided to break down some of my favorite bodyweight exercises (and some that I aspire to one day have in my arsenal) using a 5 level system to assign them a difficulty rating. I’m not holding to the same standards that a gymnast might. Here is what I’m proposing:

Level 1 skills:
Dip (Bench)
Australian Pull-up

Continue reading here.

WOD (2-July-2015)

4 RFT of:

10 Tire flip / jump through

200m Sled pull (90/45)

10 Stone over shoulder

600m run

You can start with any part of the WOD but all movements must be completed in a single round before you move to the next round.  No Rx’d weight. Go big!

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CrossFit Hand Care

By: Fit Bomb

CrossFitters often revel in the fact that our workouts have bloodied our hands. “We’re such badasses! We’re SO hardcore!” But let’s call a spade a spade: IT IS NOT “COOL” TO HAVE CHUNKS OF OUR SKIN RIPPED FROM OUR HANDS. Flayed skin is not a badge of bad-assery. It does not mean that you are tougher or better at working out. And it most definitely does not mean that CrossFit, lifting and/or gymnastics should be avoided because of the possibility that the skin on your hands might get torn.

All it means is that:

  • You’re a soft-handed newbie who hasn’t yet had the chance to build up thicker skin on your fingers and palms to protect them from tearing, or
  • You’re not giving your hands the T.L.C. they need to keep from getting shredded.

Torn skin is painful and annoying, and may put you out of commission for a spell. And THAT is unequivocally un-hardcore. Continue reading here.

WOD (1-July-2015)


5RFT of:

50 DU

35 KTE

20 yard OH walk (185/135)

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CFV Canoe Trip!!

IMG_20150531_173034865Saturday – July 11, 2015

@Rochelle’s on the Brazos River below PK

Here’s the plan…..Ready to go from Rochelle’s @ 8:00 am. The 1/2 day trip is approx 10 miles. Those wanting to join can bring own canoe / kayak or rent from Rochelle’s. The launch point is at Rochelle’s and pickup point is on private land. If you bring your own kayak, you pay for the shuttle service that Rochelle’s offers ($30). I was also told, they can take your car to pickup point and have it waiting for you when finished. If you do a rental, they will shuttle you back to the launch point. Those needing to rent will need to call Rochelle’s in advance to make reservations. 1-man Kayak $25, 2-man Kyayak $30, 2-man Canoe $30, Shuttle fee if you bring your on Kayak is $30. See website for additional rental/shuttle pricing.
Make sure to pack: food, water and or other beverages, sunscreen and bug spray. Those bringing own kayak will need to make sure and pack a life jacket. Hopefully be done by 2pm, pack up and head over to west side of PK for a swimming and cookout after party at the Hill’s cabin.  Their are plenty of beds if anyone wants to crash.

All Canoe rentals must be reserved by July 8th to insure availability.

There is a sign up sheet at the box and we’ll get together a few days prior to the trip to work out the details on travel and after party. We will be cooking ribs, so you may bring a side dish or dessert and beverage of your choice to the cabin.

For more info contact Ana or Eric, more details here.

“Grip It”


Pick up the Bar! Developing Grip Strength

By: Roberto B.

We return to our Pick Up the Bar series this week with an important topic: grip strength. Grip strength is one of the most important, and yet underdeveloped, aspects of our training. But once you realize that grip strength equals bigger lifts, well then…you’ll probably want to focus on it a bit more.

So, as we prepare for our next series of articles focusing on the clean progression, we’ll begin here first with our grip. At the end of the day, if you can’t grip the bar, then there’s no way you’ll be able to rip it from the floor and lift big. And we all know…we want to lift big or go home!

Now, before we get started with ways to develop that grip strength, let’s talk about a few things you don’t want to do. It may surprise you, but follow me on this one. Continue reading here.

WOD (30-June-2015)


AMRAP 30min of:

5 deadlift (275/185)

13 Push Ups (CF style)

9 Box Jumps (24/20)

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Kill Cliff Drinks and Bars Now Available at

CrossFit Veritas


kC2     kC1

Recover Today. Crush It Tomorrow. Premium Recovery Drink.

Kill Cliff sports recovery drinks are great for athletes, CrossFit-goers, as well as everyday use! Our unique formula provides you with essentials needed to recover after an intense workout or a long day so you can rinse & repeat. Benefits of our recovery drinks include:

+ Micronutrients for Replenishment   + Hydration & Electrolytes   + Essential Vitamins & Enzymes
+ No Sugar & Only 15 Calories   + No Artificial Colors & No Artificial Flavors + Gluten-Free


Function meets Flavor. Finally.

Function and flavor collide in our Kill Cliff Bars to literally blow your mind. Our sports nutrition bars & recovery bars are the perfect balance of protein, fiber, flavor and low net carbs. Game changer.

The benefits of Kill Cliff bars include

+ 20-21 g of Protein   + Only 2-4 Net Carbs   + Gluten Free  

+ No Sugar Added   + No Artificial Colors,No Artificial Flavor

For more info visit KillCliff’s website, here

“Did Someone say Donuts?”



I have been meaning to write this post for a while now and just simply haven’t gotten around to it.  Lately, I have been getting a ton of inquiries about how/what I eat and how I was able to transform my body and performance because of it.  If you have been following me for more than about two or three months, you have noticed the changes that my body has went through – at least physically.  Maybe you have, or maybe you haven’t noticed, but those physical changes are directly correlated with changes in my performance as well.  While being more than 10lbs. lighter since switching eating plans I have made some serious gains in the gym.

Since regionals, I have revamped my diet and the way I look at food. until then, I guess you could say I was the classic crossfitter – I would eat “clean” (or paleo) for 6 days out of the week and on one day I would eat whatever I wanted, which was usually anything in sight.  This is what I understood to be how an athlete was suppose to eat – simply because Paleo is the be all end all in the crossfit community and I thought that was what I had to be doing.  What I didn’t realize was how little carbohydrates I was eating (really only sweet potatoes and fruit) and how much fat (avocados, nuts) I was eating.  This is almost inevitable on a Paleo diet because it leaves you with a limited amount of carbohydrate dense foods and a ton of foods that are filled with fat.  This works for some people, and I am not knocking it.  I just found that personally, my body did not respond well physically, nor feel great eating this way.  Before I go any further, let me explain that I was 100% pro-paleo when I was first introduced to it.  I found it made me feel cleaner, healthier, and I had a new-found respect for keeping nutrient dense foods in my diet.  I lost a ton of weight when I first started eating that way.  In fact, when people walk into the gym and are overweight I still point them in the Paleo direction because I feel it is a great way to begin to understand food and the importance of consuming a diet that is based around protein and vegetable consumption.  However, as I started exercising more vigorously, doing two a day sessions, and incorporating high volume into my training program – I became hungrier.  I was still trying so hard to follow this Paleo way of eating that I was consuming an incredible amount of food to do so.  In addition to the large number of protein I was consuming each day; an avocado or two in a day, handfuls of nuts, tons of bacon and eggs, all the fruit and sweet potatoes I could get my hands on was a typical day of eating.  Still, I never felt like I had a great amount of energy and physically – although I was getting stronger and more muscular, I was somewhat soft and fluffy. Continue reading here.

hell week

WOD (29-June-2015)


For Time:

  • 800m Run
  • 28KBS (70/53)
  • 28 Pull-ups (C2B)
  • 28 KB C&J (70/53) video demo
  • 28 Pull-ups (C2B)
  • 800m Run
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 Rest Day!


CFV is closed on Sundays, get some rest.

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OPEN GYM – Every Saturday



All CFV members are encouraged to come out the box every Saturday morning and take advantage of the Open Gym. This simply allows you to work on some gymnastics, strength or Olympic weightlifting, row/run, do a Girl/Hero WOD. You may want to catch up on a WOD missed through the week, pick your poison.


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