Rich Froning, Central East and Matt Chan, South West

Rich Froning, Central East and Matt Chan, South West

5 Moves to Fix Your Snatch

No matter what may be holding you back in the snatch, an increase is practice frequency, training volume or intensity will ultimately help correct those problems. But you can accelerate your progress in the gym by simply including accessory exercises in your programming.

These movements are designed to target a specific deficit or weakness in the snatch. Each exercise can be easily added to the end of a training session, or practiced on a light day.

Give these movements a try and you will perform better.

1. Improve your first pull. 

This is critical to success in weightlifting. Allowing the weight to pull you out of position will make it nearly impossible to complete a heavy lift.

The first pull begins when force is applied to the barbell, and lasts until the bar is lifted off the platform. The arms must be straight at the elbows, and the shoulders should be a little ahead of the bar. If the shoulders are behind the bar, other faults in the technique will follow.

Improper position off the floor is usually a result of a weak posterior chain. We can fix that. Continue reading here.

WOD (31-Dec-2015)

Partner wod, split the reps evenly:
400m Run (together)
100 deadlifts (135/95)
50 T2B
100m OH Walking Lunge (35/15)
400m Run (together)
100 Burpees
400m Run (together)


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