Our Trainers

Wade Wilson


It was in 2006 that I was accidentally introduced to this new thing called CrossFit on the Internet while searching for new ways of “cross training” to help my running.  I did a few of the WODs by myself at the high school weightroom where I worked and was shocked at how destroyed I was.  At the time, I was an ultra trailrunner capable of running 50 and 100-mile races for 24 hours, now finding myself shaking, dizzy, hypoglycemic, unable to walk, and on the verge of puking after only a 10-15min WOD.  I realized how weak and injury-prone my 165lb body had become.  My single-minded focus on endurance had cost me in other areas of my fitness.  Upon moving to Graham in 2009 it was only by luck that I met ZT about the time he and Ashley were building CFV.  They invited me out and I was instantly hooked.  I had found a place where other “hard-core” folks like myself came to destroy and improve themselves too.  I’ve been a CFV regular since 2010 and a coach since 2012.  In that time I have seen my body, mind, and spirit transformed from a once weak endurance specialist, to a 185lb well-rounded strong confident athlete capable of more than putting one foot in front of the other… doing things I NEVER thought possible.  Both of my teenage daughters Joslyn and Savanna attend CFV too and have seen great improvements in their athleticism as well.  I’m dead serious when I say this gym and the people in it literally saved my life in the last few years.  3, 2, 1, GO!!!



Z.T. Burkett

CrossFit L1, CrossFit Olympic Lifting

Josh Hufstedler

I found CrossFit in 2005 after finishing my collegiate running career and spending a couple years just messing around in gyms.  At the time I had a diverse set of goals and was driving myself crazy trying to program training to work toward all of them.  I had been aware of CrossFit for some time but this led me to take a closer look at the program and upon deeper inspection of CrossFit’s programming I realized this is what I needed to do to accomplish the goals I had set for myself.  Around that same time I also began training others using the basic principles of CrossFit.  I continued training myself and others in this manner until 2010 when, while finishing my Exercise Physiology degree at Midwestern State University, I trained for several months at Mark Rippetoe’s Wichita Falls Athletic Club.  During my time at WFAC I trained using a barbell-based CrossFit program and became a firm believer in the value of strength as the foundation of physical performance.  I have been a personal trainer and CrossFit coach for seven years and spend a great deal of time thinking about and learning how to make people stronger, fitter, faster, and healthier and I will do whatever I can to help anyone meet their fitness goals.