WOD (18-Aug-2017)


200m Farmers Carry

12 Deficit push ups (hands on dumbbells)

10 Push Jerks

**Pick your dumbbell weight….carefully.


The Lost Art of Journaling

By Coach Eric Burnett

When you hear the word “journaling”, most laugh a bit because the stereotypes from movies or childhood memories of “diaries”. What most don’t know is this is how many of the great leaders of past and present have come to be so successful or iconic. They may have not known it then, but their journaling helped them become the person they were and even paved the way for how we do things today. This isn’t a history lesson though, I want to talk about the health benefits that have been shown through research and how I have come to love it.

Well, what is “journaling”? It is the physical writing of thoughts, ideas, and feelings in a collective manner of an individual. The beauty of it is that it can be whatever you like and for whatever reason, just as long as it is physically written. I say that for a reason, because our society is so wrapped up in doing everything on their phones and/ or computers. Continue reading here.

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