WOD (4-Oct-2017)

5 attempts at max effort strict pull-ups…1 min rest between sets


4RFT of:

  • 50’ KB Single Arm Front Rack Walking Lunge (53/35)
  • 15 HSPU

hs pu

photo courtesy crossfitheights.net

CrossFit Handstand Push Up Progression Template

Phase 1 of Handstand Push Up Progression

Current ability: Less than 10 standard push ups.

Goal: 10 standard push ups

Notes: There are tons of ways to being able to develop your push ups but here is a relatively simple yet effective method. There are two phases of a push up progression. The first phase is when you can’t do a push up yet. During this phase your goal is to do sets of 12-15 at the most difficult progression you are able to do (see below for progressions). Once you are getting past 15 reps then move to the next difficulty level. The second phase is when you can do 1-10 standard push ups. During this phase you’ll still be doing a 3×12-15 at a easier progression but also rotate through the following rep schemes to help you get to 10 unbroken quicker. Continue reading here.

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