Frequently Asked Questions

What is CrossFit Veritas?

CrossFit Veritas is a company who uses CrossFit as their training methodology.  CFV focuses on overall Health and Fitness through community and support.

Do I need to be a serious athlete to do CrossFit?

Absolutely not!  Our goal is to get you in the best possible shape no matter your age, sex or fitness level.

I’m from out of town, can I drop in?

Of course.  We love visitors.  Our drop in rate is $10/day.  Visiting CrossFit Coaches are welcome free of charge.  Please email us prior to coming – info@crossfitveritas.com

How intense are the workouts?

That’s up to you.  It’s you against the workout, not you against the other athletes.

What can I expect from CFV?

You can expect to get into the best shape of your life no matter where you’re starting from.  Whether your goal is to lose weight, set a 5k record or get stronger our staff of Coaches will help you get there.

Who are the Coaches?

CFV Coaches are highly experienced CrossFitters with a wide range of knowledge and experience.  From ultra-trail runners to powerlifters to experts on training kids we’ve got you covered.